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1.All you really need to experience an inspired life for a full 365 days is to Sign Up to Inspiring Motivational Videos. This quick and painless process gets you going right away. Guaranteed.

2. Next, you’ll be taken straight to join our “VIP Mailing List” to ensure your email address is captured in our Video Mailer System so you’ll never miss a video. You’ll immediately receive a subscription confirmation via email. Click on the confirmation link and you’re all set up.

3. Start receiving inspirational videos! Once a day for 365 days, you’ll receive an insightful, motivational video designed ensure you live through a motivated day and an inspired life. That’s it !

Main Features of Inspiring Motivational Videos

At Inspiring Motivational Videos, it’s clear to see what drives us : Creativity a Passion for what we do. As a result, our ingenious video products use the latest cutting edge video production and delivery technology to bring you visually stimulating, high definition video with pristine audio quality.

Multi-Format: You can view these powerful videos on any device that receives your email, ensuring you never miss out on anything. Whether to have a PC, Mac, iPod or iPad and as long as you have headphones or speakers enabled, you’re good for inspiration.

Video Transcript: Not only do you receive a daily video via email, but we also include the full transcript of this video so that even after you have finished watching the video, you can still reflect on the powerful words.


As if this wasn’t enough, you also receive an mp3 version of your video available to download, allowing you to listen to each day’s motivational message one more time or simply add to a playlist on your iPod, or mp3 player.

Benefits of Our Unique Service

  • Get inspired Daily: Powerful messages delivered to your inbox on a daily basis. Messages that will help you believe in yourself, chase your dreams and live a life full of love, laughter and inspiration.
  • Convenience: No software to download No Stuff to install No Logins to remember and No links to Crowded YouTube because everything is delivered directly to you, in the email, everyday! Motivation is now just a single click away.
  • Take Action. Our unique videos are not there just to enjoy watching and listening to, but for you to do something about the message, every single day. We call this the Call To Action, a small challenge we throw in at the end of each video for you to do something about the message of the day.  We also provide you a Personal Call to Actions tracker to check your progress against every single Call To Action so you can simply copy and paste the call to actions from the video transcript, to your personal tracking tool.
  • Maximum privacy. Only you haves access to your email and therefore videos so your information is safe and secure and nobody will interfere with your videos unless you let them!


Why our Videos are Better than YouTube….Seriously

If inspiring words can move you and if a picture says a thousand words imagine what an inspiring video will do for you.

  • Our Purpose Made Videos, delivered direct to you daily, without fail are 100% relevant and 100% helpful for motivation and  inspiration. No need to endlessly search for some motivational clips only to come up with a powerpoint slide show with terrible sound and picture quality.
  • Engaging videos created with beautiful music and punchy sound effects. These videos not only have a strong message behind them, but they are eye catching, visually stimulating and captivating.
  • No need to bother yourself with annoying comments from ignorant internet “Trolls”. You have maximum privacy with these videos .

You Wanna Give it a Test Drive  ?

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